Hyakuten sensei is coming to LA to teach “Komyo Reiki Teacher’s Degree” in March 2014

☆光明レイキ會 ロサンゼルス@Komyo Wellness Centerの真弓です☆
<Please scroll down to read in English>

Mayumi with Hyakuten sensei at Mt. Kurama

Mayumi with Hyakuten sensei at Mt. Kurama





費用: $50 (光明レイキ講習会を受講する方は、ドネーションベースです。)
Tikken Skin Care
24243 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance CA 90505
9:00 am ~6:30 pm
Komyo Wellness Center
417 Torrance Blvd.
Redondo Beach, CA
費用: $850 (テキスト、修了書を含む)
費用: $250
Payment Options
1st Installment – $250 due 11/15/2013 $250.00 USD
2nd Installment – $320 due 01/15/2014 $320.00 USD
3rd Installment – $300 due 03/01/2014 $300.00 USD
One time payment before or on February 18th, 2014 – $850.00 USD
One time payment after February 18th, 2014 –  $880.00 USD
Returning Komyo Reiki Shihan – $250 $250.00 USD
Reiki Share / Slide Show – $50.00 USD

World-renowned Hyakuten sensei is coming to teach “Komyo Reiki” for the first time in LA!

His introduction page, CLICK HERE

The 1st day is open to the public and does not count as a class.
The following 2 days are Hyakuten sensei’s classes.
The schedule is as follows:
March 28th (Fri.) : 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Open to public)
Evening of Reiki Story and slideshow and Reiki Share
Fee : $50
(Students who will join the Teacher level Course will have free access, but donations would be much appreciated.) 
Venue :
Tikken Skin Care
24243 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance CA 90505 
Komyo Reiki Teacher level Course in ENGLISH
(1st, 2nd, 3rd and teacher) 
March 29th Sat – 30th Sun :9:00 am to 6:30 pm
Venue :
417 Torrance Blvd.,
Redondo Beach  CA
Tuition: $850  (inc.textbooks in English. After completion of all classes, full payment, you will get Komyo Reiki teacher certificate by Hyakuten Inamoto sensei)
We need to have your proof of Reiki Master Certification before you will deposit. Please send it by e-mail.
All fees are non-refundable unless class cancels.
Deposit will be $250 to secure your spot.
Thank you for your interest in Komyo Reiki and please let us  know if you have any questions or comments!

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